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Green and hungry are adjectives that describe you, too? Green&Hungry is our bachelor project for graduating at Zurich University of the Arts ark download for free. Our goal is to slowly approach a self-sufficient nutrition, in an urban environment. Sounds complicated? Basically we try to only grow, forage, beg for or somehow collect our food until June www.whatsapp kostenlos herunterladen.
Each week, we try a new experiment. One week, we try urban gardening, the next week we’ll have our own chickens.Every Sunday, we upload a video on our Green&Hungry Youtube channel ältere windows 10 version herunterladen. We also write more detailed blog posts. And you can find us on instagram, to get little glimpses of our self-sufficient and green life!
We are total self-sufficiency noobs, so please be patient with us blumen zum downloaden. We might starve, you know? If you have tips, suggestions or ideas for us, don’t hesitate to share them with us! We want to share our new knowledge with you – but in return, we hope to learn a lot more from you about self-sufficiency kinofilme downloaden free. Green&Hungry for president!


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