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#13 Time to say good-bye

Roughin‘ It

ex12_campen3The time has come for our last experiment. To test our knowledge about self-sufficiency, we spent two days in a forest youtube videos auf handy downloaden. On top of a mountain. In a tent. With the best view over Zurich. It was our chance, to see how much we had learned over the past 13 weeks. 

After setting up our tent, we got ready to forage some plants for dinner ferienkalender 2020 herunterladen. Having learned a lot about foraging in experiment #3, we successfully picked ramps, nettles and dandelion youtube vanced. For dinner, we made twist bread with ramps, nettle soup, baked potatoes, dandelion salad (together with our home-grown salad!) and home-grown strawberries for dessert anno 1800 beta herunterladen. We didn’t go to bed hungry!


What we learned during Green&Hungry

seraina cooking in the forest by greenandhungry Green&Hungry green and hungryDuring our camping trip, we realized how much we’d learned already: cooking creative and waste-free meals, collecting wild plants, how eggs and milk is produced and how much patience it takes to be self-sufficient (especially in the city) kostenlose taschenrechner herunterladen. Now, at the end of Green&Hungry, we truly appreciate food more, as we see the effort behind every meal.



Good-bye and Thank you musik auf pc herunterladen kostenlos!

This project is coming to a probable end, as our time at Zurich’s University of the Arts is coming to an end as well. But what if we continued with Green&Hungry netflix why you can't all the TV shows? What content would you like to see in the future? More about food, or also other aspects of an urban self-sufficient lifestyle? What about cosmetics or clothing or housing fortnite hacksen ps4? Let us know your ideas!

The most beautiful aspect of Green&Hungry has been the exchange with our followers. We were surprised to see a lot of international viewers and readers from all over the world: Mexico, Vietnam, Peru,… How did you guys find us on the internet herunterladen? How was our journey relatable for you, even though we live in Switzerland?

Now, it’s time to say goodbye and thank you to so many people who made our project possible: Our mentors, our teachers, our heads of CAST/Audiovisual Media, and most important our partners, friends and family anstoss 2 gold herunterladen.

See you soon, hopefully!

Franca and Seraina waiting for plants to grow by Green&Hungry greenandhungry green and hungry


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