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#8 Building a Hen House in 2 Days

For our 8th experiment with Green&Hungry, we wanted to see what it means to „produce“ our own eggs. Or better, what it means to have hens produce eggs for us. This was an experiment we had imagined to be a lot easier than it turned out to be. In fact, we needed help from about a billion people. The experiment also involved sunstrokes, sunburns, back pains, anxiety and stress neue version von skype kostenlosen. Even though it was a crazy experience, we definitely think that owning hens is totally doable for everyone with a garden that’s big enough. Hens don’t require too much attention, they don’t need crazy food or toys or entertainment. We would totally recommend trying out this project on your own! Anyway‚Ķ Here’s an extensive report on how building a hen house went down for us:

Building a hen house, the detailed version

  • 1.


    What do chickens even need mp3 herunterladen mac? Google is our best friend at this point. We’re pretty optimistic about this experiment.

  • 2.

    Reality sinks in

    10 minutes later. We have no idea how to draw a blueprint. How many centimeters are in a meter again?

  • 3.

    Fiasco I

    Two days later browser 7 der telekom herunterladen. Our favourite’s tool and craft shop’s carpentry is not working. We decide to simply buy wood in an other store tonight.

  • 4.

    Fiasco II

    Tonight. The other store isn’t as spontanious as we thought it would be. We’d have to wait for our wood for two days.

  • 5.


    Change of plans. Back to the first store. We need to find someone with a car who can pick up wood tomorrow morning. Who has time on a Wednesday morning?! A mum of a former schoolmate. Randooom.

  • 6.


    Next morning. Best mum ever picks us up and we can finally cut all of our wood to the right size!

  • 7.


    Turns out, we had no idea how big 1m x 1.50m are. The pieces of wood do NOT fit into the car. And yes, we tried.

  • 8.


    We decide to cut all wooden boards in half. It seems to work and we make our way home.

  • 9.

    Reality sinks in II

    Standing in front of all the material, we think to ourselves: „This might be the first failed video.“

  • 10.

    Angel on earth

    One blink later, my mum comes around the corner and decides to join in on the fun. She knows what she’s doing. Although it’s her first time building a hen house as well.

  • 11.


    After using a jigsaw for the first time, we are going strong. This is gonna be so much fun.

  • 12.

    Fiasco III

    We realize that two of the wooden boards are missing. The carpenters forgot to return them to us after cutting all of them in half. Phonecalls ensue. We’ll need to pick them up the next morning. Fun.

  • 13.

    Counting damages

    Back pains, bad dreams and little sleep. But optimistic. Time to force a busy dad to pick up the rest of the material with us.

  • 14.

    The fun part

    Everything is going great. Our blueprint seems to work, we are efficient and the weather is great. A friend of my mum randomly joins in on the fun for a while.

  • 15.


    The roof of the hen house doesn’t fit properly. Our neighbour comes over for advice. Helpful person #10’658.

  • 16.

    Almost done

    Time to install the fence around our chickies‘ new temporary lawn. By now, every neighbour knows what we’re doing.

  • 17.

    Catching chickens

    We’re done with building a hen house! Picking up the chooks from our friend’s house was fun. Ever driven a car with two hens inside?

  • 18.

    Moving in

    The hens see their new home for the first time. All they care about is the food. We’ll take it as a compliment…?

  • 19.

    Party time

    We’re not exaggerating here: At least 8 neighbours came to watch, as we welcomed the chickens in their new home. The chickens go into the hen house for the first time! They recognize it as a hen house!

  • 20.


    The next day, we could pick up our first egg, admire our sunburns, the hens have been named Luna and Babette and they got spoiled with fresh vegetables and fruit. Project „Building a hen house in 2 days“ was successful!

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