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#7 Green&Hungry Halftime

Seven weeks into the project, Green&Hungry has reached its halftime. Seven weeks of seeing each other almost every single day. Seven weeks of making a million creative decisions every day: Background, light, sound, materials, speed, topics, jokes, shopping lists, outfits, continuity, framing, recipes, captions, hashtags… The list is never-ending kostenlose alben herunterladen.

public fridge by green&hungry
We learn something new every week: Here we discover public fridges.

When we started the experiment, we had sketched out a schedule for all of our experiments die immer lacht mp3 kostenlos. Turns out, the weather and the seasons have a saying as well: We couldn’t go fishing in March because the fish are taking care of their babies in March Download the single rental contract free of charge. We couldn’t visit a vegetable farm in April, because in April the farmers are too busy. We couldn’t film countless statistics or recipes when we had planned them, because it rained and the light was awful songs to download. We quickly learned that we need to be flexible and spontanious, in order to make Green&Hungry happen.

As expected, we very evenly distributed our work load: Franca is responsible for filming and editing erotischste ebooks kostenlos herunterladen. Seraina is responsible for social media and website stuff. Franca is the maker, Seraina is the thinker. Franca has to pose for instagram pictures, Seraina has to act in front of the camera elster certificate file. Green&Hungry wouldn’t be possible without one of us! All of our character traits and technical skills fit together like two puzzle pieces. And until now, we didn’t have a single fight mozzila herunterladen. Considering how much time we spend together, that’s a miracle.

green&hungry set-up
Setting up a scene that we shot for the very first video.

Over all, we’ve been having a blast signal app herunterladen. Every single week, we’ve said the sentence „I’m so glad we can finally try make this ourselves!“ at least a hundred times. Every week we came to the conclusion that the experiment has been so much easier than we expected Download tickets for birth for free. Who would have thought that building a worm compost would take 15 minutes. Or that fermenting kimchi is so easy. Or that growing seeds is no wizardry amazon prime filme kostenlos downloaden!

The feedback we received from friends, families and strangers on instagram, was incredibly gratifying. We have received so much help from complete strangers over the course of this project! People have helped us move heavy benches, gave us drinks for free, have given us advice for our seedlings or let us film them in their stores. Many times, we have sent each other screenshots of instagram comments that made us smile. After all, we’re not just doing this experiment for us (or to graduate). Green&Hungry is trying to inspire others to take little steps towards a more green and self-sufficient lifestyle.


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