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#5 Six Reasons for Pickling and Fermenting

Pickling and fermenting are those kind of things that you’ve always somehow wanted to try yourselves, but you’ve really never gotten around to download antivirus kaspersky for free. Right? At least for us, that’s been the case. „How the hell do you even make Kimchi?“ I asked myself every single time when in a Korean restaurant download the phone book for free. Now we know – and we’re going to make Kimchi a lot more often. Here are 6 reasons why you should get your hands on some mason jars as well, and make some of that delicious sauerkraut, onion or pumpkin pickle youtube music online for free.


6 Reasons for pickling and fermenting food



Reason #1

Fermented foods are amazing for your health, especially for your digestion, due to the probiotics they contain! It seems counter-intuitive, but they can really help with bloating. Pickling and fermenting foods before eating them can boost your immune system: good digestions = healthy you!

Reason #2

Preserving food by pickling and fermenting can help fight food waste. Let’s be honest: It’s really hard for a single person to use up a head of cabbage alone. Or a damn pumpkin! Gardeners often deal with crazy amounts of harvested produce. Preserving foods is a nice alternative to freezing things or just throwing them away. 

Reason #3

You’re not just preserving food. You are preserving entire seasons! Pumpkin may not be seasonal anymore come summer, but opening a jar of pickled pumpkin will make you feel like raking colourful leaves and drinking pumpkin spice lattes all over. We can’t wait to preserve our summer vegetables to forever reminisce about our first gardening success.  


Reason #4

Pickling food saves the environment and your wallet. By freezing food, you need a continual supply of electricity. And if your freezer is as old as ours, it’s probably mostly wasting energy! Storing pickled foods doesn’t require any electricity. Though, that’s obviously this is a calculation that depends on the quantities of pickled goods, as well as the cost of your jars.  But jars are something that we usually just have laying around in our kitchen anyways. 

Reason #5

Fermenting and pickling has a long tradition in many cultures. Eastern Europe is notorious for anything pickled cabbage-related. Asian, especially Japanese, cuisine has known fermenting for thousands of years. What about pickled eggs and onions in England? Or that weird Scandinavian pickled herring that you never want to try but you probably should? By trying out this technique, you’re stepping into the footsteps of your ancestors. Imagine how proud your grandmother would be of you!

Reason #6

Nervous before a presentation? Or before meeting your partner’s family? Or before making important phone calls? Just eat some kimchi. A study suggests that eating fermented foods is linked with fewer symptoms of social anxiety! The contained probiotics lower perceived stress and can help alleviate anxiety-related digestive problems. Who knows if this is actually true?! But it’s just once more good excuse for eating delicious pickled and fermented foods.



Your opinion

What are your favourite foods to pickle and ferment? Any favourite recipes? And can you see an improvement in your health when you eat kimchi or sauerkraut?

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