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#4 Avoiding Food Waste


We at Green&Hungry are guilty of throwing away a lot of food. And so are you, probably. Moldy vegetables, brown bananas, smelly cheese and forgotten leftovers – they all end up in the garbage. One third of our food gets thrown away! On our quest to becoming self-sufficient gourmets, we really need to learn avoiding food waste and to respect food. This week has been eye-opening. We learned a lot about how to avoid food waste and want to share our new-found knowledge with you.


3 tips for avoiding food waste


Smart shopping

Check your fridge first. Write a shopping list. Maybe even a meal plan! Only buy what you need. Don’t be tempted by sales. And eat before you do groceries! We recommend local and seasonal produce. Try avoiding food packaging.

Keep it fresh

Only stick to the „use by“ date and your senses. Keep leftovers in clear containers in the front of your fridge. Fresh food gets in the back. Make use of your freezer. Learn which foods belong in a fridge and which don’t.  

Creative kitchen

Cook smaller portions. Measure out portions before cooking. Bring leftovers for lunch the next day. Try to cook something different with leftovers so you won’t be bored. Our favourites: smoothies, soup, curry, quiches, banana bread.


The dark statistics


  • One third of the food produced in Switzerland ends up in the trash.
  • This equals to 2’310’000’000 kg of food waste every year.
  • The majority of food waste happens in our own households!
  • 20% of food waste happens because produce „needs to“ look a certain way.
  • Vegetables, potatoes and bread are the foods most commonly wasted.
  • Rich countries waste way more food than developing countries.
  • The result? Inequality, waste of resources, waste of money.


During this week, we became much more conscious about avoiding food waste. If green&hungry were completely self-sufficient already, wasting food wouldn’t even be an option for us. And we really need to become more aware of setting up our experiments and shootings in better way. When filming cooking videos, it’s so easy to waste food! We definitely learned a lot this week…


More on the topic

If you want to learn more about a shop in Zurich called Äss Bar which sells bigger bakery’s old bread from the previous day, visit their website. A Swiss website where we learned everything about statistics and tips, here! The European commission also has a lot of information about avoiding food waste on this page.



Your opinion

What are your thoughts on food waste? And how do you avoid it? Any favourite recipes to use up old produce, bread or grains? And what about spoiled milk?

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