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#2 Growing sushi 101

A logical step in the process of becoming self-sufficient seems to be having a huge garden and growing vegetables and fruit. So in this week’s experiment, we tried to start growing our own veggies, from seeds twitter videos! We went shopping at this very hipster-ish but cool store called VEG and the City and got some professional advice microsoft office 2010 kostenlos downloaden deutsch. Also, this week we attempted the impossible: growing sushi. Disclaimer: Neither of us has done that before. We have no idea what we’re doing but we’re going to explain it to you either way adblocker downloaden chrome. That’s what you’re here for, right?


Let’s look at some lessons on taking care of seeds and growing sushi:


Lesson #1

We learned that a lot of seeds can already be planted in March! For example: Tomatoes, chili, spinach, eggplant, arugula, physalis or Indian cress. We might go shopping again in April though. Addictive!!!

Lesson #2

Some seeds (like arugula and basil, for example) prefer sunlight to grow, others (like tomatoes or chili) prefer to be covered with around 2cm of soil. Somehow, it rarely says on the seed package what to do?! Google is your friend.

Lesson #3

Turns out, the decomposable pots smell SO bad. Or maybe it’s the soil. Just do NOT keep them in your bedroom! Don’t. Just keep them somewhere sunny and warm. Maybe you roommate’s bedroom? Your choice.

Lesson #4

The little seeds need to be watered lightly but frequently. Maybe cover them with some plastic foil or a glass dome? And they need a lot of light to not grow into crazy unhealthy shapes! 

Lesson #5

For growing sushi, just leave the spring onions in some water. The green part will regrow. Avocado: Soak the bottom part in water and wait. Soak the ginger for a few hours and plant it in soil. The cucumber seeds need to be fermented for a few days, dried and then planted. 

Lesson #6

Gardeners are gregarious animals! The community on instagram or your garden-savvy neighbours LOVE to help you out with all of your questions. And so do we! We’d love to hear your advice and give back in return :) 

Your opinion

What’s the craziest thing you ever grew in your garden? Do you have any advice for us? AND: What did you think about our newest video?


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